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Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and the expertise of experienced analysts

Country risk reports

Regularly-updated risk reports for more than 225 countries and territories around the world.

Detailed threat assessments with an overview of the security and travel safety situation in a country, and detailed analysis of the political, terrorism, conflict, unrest, crime, natural, health, and local transport risks.

city safety reports

Safety reports for more than 250 global cities. These reports include city-specific threats and other local knowledge.

Both the country- and city-level reports include easy-to-understand risk levels - from 1 Low to 5 Extreme - that can be readily integrated into your travel procedure and security risk management framework.

Specific advice

All destination reports include specific safety advice for female and LGBT+ travellers and those dependent on technology and communications during travel.

Risk maps

Country maps help you visualise high-risk areas and recent security alerts. City maps illustrate local information and advice down to the street level.

Risk alerts

Risk alerts provide concise reports of immediate threats in locations of interest. Each alert contains essential intelligence, practical advice, and precise geographic data.

Risk advisories

Risk advisories are frequently-updated detailed assessments of complex local developments, ongoing security situations, and upcoming events, such as elections.

COVID-19 risk

Open Briefing X Riskline provides detailed information on local restrictions and entry and exit requirements for 225 countries and territories plus infection risk levels for the country and more than 250 global cities.

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