travel and country risk portal for grantmakers and nonprofits


Open Briefing has partnered with Riskline to provide grantmakers and nonprofits with a comprehensive travel and country risk portal at exclusive nonprofit rates.

Open Briefing

Open Briefing prevents and responds to serious attacks on the people and organisations fighting for peace, human rights, and environmental justice around the world, and works to create the conditions in which they no longer happen.

We also provide consultancy, training, and retained support to help high-impact nonprofits and foundations understand and meet their risk management and duty of care commitments to staff, grantees, and local partners.

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Riskline is a world-class travel risk intelligence company. We provide country and city risk assessments and real-time alert messaging to fulfil Duty of Care requirements before and during travel.

We built our own custom tool to monitor open source intelligence. Each day, we review the most important developments from hundreds of thousands of local media sources and social media feeds around the world. We also track the latest government travel advisories and bulletins from law enforcement, emergency services, security forces, and disaster relief agencies.